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London news: Piccadilly circus crash leaves cyclist seriously injured - police on scene

A CYCLIST has been rushed to hospital in a critical condition after being hit by a lorry in Piccadilly Circus, central London during rush hour on Wednesday morning.

Posted: 26 September 2018 | 11:37 am

Meghan Markle 'losing her American accent!' Has duchess become BRITISH?

MEGHAN Markle fans believe the Royal Family’s newest member has “lost her American accent” after they noticed her “softer voice” in documentary Queen of the World.

Posted: 26 September 2018 | 11:26 am

Merkel 'Beginning of the END': German chancellor defeated by HUGE UPRISING

ANGELA Merkel has suffered a shock defeat at the hands of her own MPs sparking speculation over the “beginning of the end” of her 13-year leadership.

Posted: 26 September 2018 | 11:11 am

ROYAL NEWS: Queen suffers stroke - Belgium royal in health emergency

QUEEN Paola of Belgium suffered a stroke last night while she was holidaying in Italy's Venice with her husband King Albert.

Posted: 26 September 2018 | 10:50 am

'Comrades RISE' Disbelief as Labour's Laura Smith demands GENERAL STRIKE to overthrow May

A LABOUR MP has called for general strike to overthrow Theresa May’s government in a Labour Party Conference speech that earned her a standing ovation.

Posted: 26 September 2018 | 9:50 am

Labour conference LIVE: Starmer's Remain speech sparks public row – unions furious

LABOUR'S Sir Keir Starmer sparked a furious backlash after opening the door to reversing Brexit in a speech at the party's conference.

Posted: 26 September 2018 | 9:34 am

Diane puts her foot in it again! Accuses BBC of ‘Tory question’ but it’s a LABOUR MP quote

DIANE ABBOTT accused BBC Newsnight presenter Emily Maitlis of sounding like a Tory script, but instead of rebutting the host’s sharp point, she ended up making an embarrassing gaffe.

Posted: 26 September 2018 | 5:02 am

Royal news: Labour MP launches HUGE RANT at Royal Family after mocking Harry's Army record

LABOUR MP Emma Dent Coad has launched another attack on the Royal Family, claiming the British public “pay for their pleasure” whilst “people go hungry”, just one year after causing outrage by mocking Prince Harry’s army record.

Posted: 26 September 2018 | 3:05 am

RELIEF! Brexit delays AVERTED as Irish government FACES DOWN blistering no-confidence vote

PAINSTAKING delays to the Brexit process were avoided last night as Ireland’s precarious minority government saw off a bitter no-confidence vote over the homelessness “crisis” plaguing the European nation.

Posted: 26 September 2018 | 1:40 am

'It was LABOUR!' BBC host RIDICULES Corbyn's claims the Tories propped up greedy banks

LABOUR shadow business secretary Rebecca Long-Bailey was lambasted over party leader Jeremy Corbyn’s “radical plan” to “rebuild and transform Britain”, which he will say has failed millions of people since the financial crash of 2008.

Posted: 26 September 2018 | 1:01 am